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Junior orchestra was founded in September 1999 by three teachers of Music School of Bedřich Smetana in Pilsen – namely Milan Bačík, Jan Bodnár and Jan Šlégr. Starting at the count of about 30 the orchestra developed over the years to count close to 60 young musicians. Attending players are not only from the Music School of Bedřich Smetana but also from other music schools from around the city. Orchestra sections covers flutes, oboes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, french horns, baritone horns, trombones, tubes, percussions, bass guitar and keyboards which is one of things that affect repertoire choice – so you can hear popular music, movie melodies or musicals and sometime even typical Czech brass band pieces.

In 2013 Jan Bodnár took up conducting of the orchestra from Milan Bačík who successfully led the orchestra from its beginning. Jan Šlégr a Marie Benešová helps the conductor with rehearsals, organizing concerts, tours and more. Of course many things wouldn’t be possible without devoted parents whom we’d like to thank. These days Milan Bačík helps the orchestra again while Marie Benešová is on a maternity leave.

Junior orchestra organize educational concerts for elementary schools, for events of the city of Pilsen, for seniors and other public concerts. Orchestra has already participated on many festivals in Czech, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and France.


Revoluční 100
312 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 377 260 490
IČO: 70859027

Conductor: Jan Bodnár
Email: jan.bodnar@volny.cz